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Test centers charge a fee to administer the exam. Prices are subject to change. Checking with more than one test center is advised.

National Examination Centers

Prometric: 500 test centers, cost is $48

To register to take the examination, call 800-624-2736. When the voice message begins, push 2 to go directly to a representative. Have a credit card ready. They will register you and take your payment. It takes 48 hours to process the order. After the order is processed, you will get an email with directions to make your examination date and time appointment. Most test centers are open 5 to 7 days a week.

To speed up the appointment process, click the button below to find the test center you would like to use and be prepared to give the test center information to the appointment representative.

Prometric Test Centers

Pearson Vue: 1,400 test centers, cost is $47.

Before logging in to schedule your examination, find the nearest test center by clicking the button below. Once you know where you want to take the test, logon to http://www.pearsonvue.com/nrfsp/ . You will want to take the International Certified Food Safety Manager examination. From this page select “Create account”. You will fill out your application with your personal information and answer two security questions. (If you are enrolling for someone else you will need to know the question answers). There are survey questions you are not required to answer. You will pay for the examination. In a couple of days you will receive an authorization code and instructions for making an appointment to take the examination.

Pearson Vue Test Centers

Ohio Test Center Procedure

Ohio test center users need to send a copy of the TAP Training Certificate and exam certificate to the state. Click here for instructions.

Illinois Test Center Procedure

After passing the online proctored exam, you need to apply for an Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate (FSSMC). Click here for instructions.

Local Examination Centers


Click here to view list of Illinois Instructors.


Select a Test Center from above.

For paper based exam, click here to view Ohio food safety manager examination proctors.

Mark Bakos and Associates


866.826.2682 (toll free)



Rhode Island/Connecticut/Massachusetts

Dottie LeBeau/FSC: (401)385-9040

Testing available in 8 different languages including Spanish and Chinese.


Fred T. Faria, Faria Associates: (401)828-5355

email: ftfaria001@gmail.com

Spanish and other languages offered


Ken Bakos

On Focus Solutions



New York

Monroe County



Liz Aarts

Aristocrat Food Safety Training

(972) 612-0771

email: aristocratfpm@aol.com


John Carlino


935 Park Ave

Lake Park, Florida 33403

(561) 676-7076


email: ChefCarlino@ChefCorp.com

Northwest Indiana

Rodney Trussell

Sanitized On Safety



email: SanitizedOnSafety@gmail.com

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