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Tech Thursdays: Samsung is bringing The Force to your living room

Samsung is launching a limited-edition Star Wars themed Powerbot VR7000M vacuum cleaner. You can finally have your own droid sidekick around the house!

These vacuums use The Force (and nine smart sensors) to map out the shape of your room and avoid obstacles. You can practice your Jedi skills by controlling the vacuum with the smartphone app or with voice...

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Tech Thursdays: Facebook introduces Spooktacular Halloween features

Halloween is on Tuesday and we can’t wait for the candy, creative costumes and scary movies! Facebook is getting into the Halloween spirit with its own tricks and treats this week.

According to Mashable, Facebook will start sending notifications to people about...

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Tech Thursdays: A Drone at the Tip of Your Fingers

Imagine you could lay on the couch and move something into a different room at the tip of your fingers. The Aura Drone gives you telekinetic superpowers and lets you become the controller. Maneuver the drone through hallways and around people. 

The drone is controlled by your hand gestures using its GestureBotics glove. With the glove, you...

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Tech Thursdays: This Smart Clock Wants to Make You More of a Morning Person

Mornings are hard for most people. If you're a morning person I hope you know how jealous I am of you. But, it doesn't have to be so bad; a cool alarm clock like The Divoom Timebox can make it better.

The Divoom Timebox is a smart Bluetooth clock that displays animated art you can design. You can select or create your own pixel art, using the Divoom app, which you can assign to any...

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Tech Thursday: Your Own Robot Printer

I’m sure everyone’s been in the situation where they forgot to print something they needed. Anytime you forget, it seems to be impossible to find a printer in time. Now, you can take your own personal printer with you...

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Real Life Avatars? Your Job Just Got More Interesting

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the two of the biggest tech features of the past few years. Phones and other devices have the ability to let us experience new worlds,  improve our own, or even get pulled down the Internet rabbit hole. Now, XPrize is hosting a competition to create a functional robotic avatar by 2021. Think of it as a robot controlled wirelessly.


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