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Imagine waking up in the morning and trying to decide what to eat for breakfast. Nothing in your fridge looks good or feels fancy enough. The solution? Try Norma's $2,000 frittata.

Norma's is a restaurant in Manhattan's Le Parker Meridian hotel. Their "Zillon Dollar Lobster Frittata" is made with 10 ounces of Sevurga caviar, an entire lobster, 6 eggs, cream, chives, lobster sauce, and...

Lobster is a prized seafood dish around the world and was once considered a luxury that only the rich could afford.

That's funny, since lobsters are bottom-feeding ocean cleaners! That does not change the fact that it is a delicious seafood treat for many.

Recently, Switzerland passed a law banning the boiling of live lobsters. But, no matter how you cook them, be sure to...