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Your Roses Could Last Longer than Your Relationship

It's Valentine’s Day! That means you’ve got your significant other's present wrapped  and the dozen of  fresh roses ready. What? No? Haven't bought anything yet?  No worries, impress them with more than just roses that will be thrown out in a week with Venus Et Fleur roses that will last for a YEAR! Yes a full 365 days.

Venus Et Fleur shared their process with Business Insider. They start by cutting red roses at their peak. Then their roses are stripped of their color using a non-toxic bleach. The roses are dehydrated, injected with natural oils, and a non-toxic wax formula (similar to silica). Finally, the flowers are put in a color tank to soak in different colors of dye. Venus Et Fleur says there’s no water required, just dust off the roses lightly from time to time. The roses’ smell lasts for up to two to three weeks.

A large square box with 42 roses is $399, the cheapest option is a single rose in a small round box for $39. You can arrange roses in custom color patterns. You can choose from traditional colors such as red, white, pink, and yellow. More creative options are black, blue, green, and metalllic gold, rose gold, or silver. You can even arrange the roses to display a letter or shape. The box material can be changed to different colors and prints such as marble or textures like suede and velvet. 

If you continued to buy roses (approximately $15) for 52 weeks (that’s how many weeks there are in a year), you’d be spending $780! A box of Venus Et Fleur saves you almost $400. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and DJ Khaled love these roses too! Would I buy these? Yes, I’d get my loved ones (or treat myself) a smaller box of these beautiful roses.