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Could This Flamethrower Cut Your Cooking Time in Half?

Technology has evolved over the years and the Internet has made it easier to buy new inventions. You can get a robot vacuum, a speaker that talks back to you or a flamethrower at the click of a button.

Elon Musk, the CEO behind Tesla cars, has another big invention up his sleeve. Musk’s construction company “The Boring Company” is selling their own flamethrower for $500. The website guarantees it’ll “liven up any party.” Out of 20,000 flamethrowers available for pre-sale, 7,000 of them have already been ordered.

The website informs customers that “additional customer fees may apply to international orders because of laws.” The Boring Company also sells a fire extinguisher “for exorbitant amounts of money”, enticing customers to buy it because of the cool sticker and convenient button.

There’s hundreds of ways this flamethrower could be used for something destructive. Although, imagine the barbecues of the future. Just whip out your flamethrower and get cooking. You can even impress your friends by serving a massive crème brulee or Baked Alaska. It would be the perfect tool for roasting a bag of marshmallows or nuts for a party.

Musk posted these two videos to his Instagram with the captions: “Don’t do this. Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one. Unless you like fun.” and “Great for roasting nuts.”

Would I buy this? No. I can see how it would be fun but I don’t need it. If I need a flame, I’d rather struggle with a small lighter. 7,000 people have already pre-ordered the flamethrower, I’m sure we’ll be seeing some interesting YouTube videos soon.