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Tech Thursday: High Tech Body Board

Imagine going to bed the night before planning to go surfing; but, you get to the beach early morning and the tide is too high or low. Instead, you can used a high-tech body board and enjoy yourself, no waves needed.

 You can use the Kymera Body Board, a motorized body board that can survive about 2 hours on a single charge. The Body Board weighs 70lbs with the electric lithium-ion battery pack. The trigger lets you glide up to 20 mph. You can control the direction of the Body Board by leaning left or right. You can enjoy the beach even if you don’t know how to surf.

 Would I buy this? Yes! It’ll let me go out to surf regardless of the tides. It’s even something that my family and I can take on vacation. It can make any day at the beach fun. The Kymera Body Board is $3,495 but rentals are also available.