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Tech Thursday: Babies and Tech Addiction

Today we are focusing on an issue that is very obvious but tends to get ignored because of the lack of understanding that follows it. How much technology is too much technology for kids? Does this inhibit cognition? Has this contributed to the acceleration in learning disabilities? A recent study published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health Journal has found this all to be true. This study took 4,500 children and took into account physical and mental predisposing factors. After that, they took in the amount of sleep. They found children who had a lot of time with technology mostly slept fewer hours. They also had more learning disabilities and issues with their cognition compared to kids who get exposed to less than two hours of technology a day. These children were also more likely to be “addicted” to technology as they age. Now, this doesn’t mean that too much technology is going to harm all kids but it's always a good idea to practice moderation. This was also a self-answering study so statistically, people who feel more harmed by technology are more likely to answer since it peaks their interest. Have fun with technology. it's a convenience! But, put it down, walk away and play

Would I take a detox from technology? Yes, as soon as I finish studying for my midterm!!.