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Super Blue Blood Moon

If you live in California and were asleep around 5 a.m., like I was, you probably didn’t notice the moon. Don’t worry, you can scroll through social media all day today and see the same 10 blurry photos just like my co-worker's.

If you're not sure what I’m talking about, early Wednesday morning there was a Super Blue Blood Moon. Three different solar events all happened at the same time today. A blue moon is a second full moon of the calendar month. It only happens once in a while, which is why we use the term “once in a blue moon.” A super moon is when the moon is much closer to the Earth’s surface which makes it look even bigger and brighter. Lastly, there was also a total lunar eclipse. That’s why it was called a blood moon. The moon passed through Earth’s shadow which made it a darker red color.

This is an event that hasn’t happened in more that 150 years. I’m still can't believe I slept through something that looked so beautiful! The next time we have any kind of lunar event I'm definitely setting my alarm.