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The Robot Bicyclist - You'll Never Have to Ride Alone Again!

Have you ever wanted to go out on a bike ride but felt lonely? Now you can bring a little robot friend with you! This seems like something out of the future, but Masahiko Yamaguchi made this technology possible. 

The Primer v2 robot can reach a speed of up to 6 mph on its miniature fixed gear. The robot maintains its balance through steering and breaking, just like a human. A gyroscope records the tilt of the robot’s body, which is then used to calculate how far to turn the handlebars in order to remain balanced. A remote operator controls each independent action. To stop the bike, the robot drags its feet on the ground. Do these robot cyclists count as pedestrians or a motor vehicle? 

Would I buy this? Yes! Unfortunately, it isn't for sale yet but count me in! If I knew other people who had the robot too, it would be fun to race with them. I can also see the robot being very entertaining for pets and kids.