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Real Life Avatars? Your Job Just Got More Interesting

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the two of the biggest tech features of the past few years. Phones and other devices have the ability to let us experience new worlds,  improve our own, or even get pulled down the Internet rabbit hole. Now, XPrize is hosting a competition to create a functional robotic avatar by 2021. Think of it as a robot controlled wirelessly.

The four-year competition will award $10 million to the winning team. The multipurpose avatar system should seamlessly transport human skills and experience to the exact location where and when they are needed.The basic rules are: the avatar has to be operational from at least 100 km away and be user-friendly in order for it to be controlled without special training.

The avatar should allow the user to see, hear, touch, and interact. Early applications of the technology could be used for medical professionals or search and rescue workers, but could also be used for travel and other consumer industries. If you’re lucky, an Avatar in the future could make your job safer and easier.

XPrize will have expert opinions for feedback on each team’s plans. Team registration is from June 15- October 31, 2018, a panel of judges will make selections in April 2019, and the competition finals will be in October 2021. 

Would I want to compete? Yes, this would so awesome to create. My avatar would be able to help firefighters.