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Food Fridays: Hey, there's a Burger in my Donut!

Combinations of sweet and salty foods have been a common theme among viral food. From simply dipping your fries in a milkshake to burger inside a donut!

Maxwell’s Bar & Grill in Covent Garden, London has gone viral with their Bacon Donut Burger. Anthony Knight, their Marketing Manager, says they’ve had it on their menu since Sept. 28 and have sold over 1,300. It took Maxwell’s Bar & Grill four weeks and about 400 donuts to create the perfect burger.

According to Business Insider, the burger has cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, bacon, sauce, chopped gherkins (pickled cucumber) and a beef patty. The burger is wrapped up into the donut dough, deep fried, sprinkled with icing sugar and ketchup is infused into the donut with a syringe. The Donut Burger is served with fries and costs £14.95, approximately $19.72.

Would I eat this? Not at all. As much as I love donuts and burgers I don’t think the two belong together. Also, I’m sure this isn’t the healthiest lunch/dinner option.