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Food Friday - Mouth Watering Deliciousness

It is Friday which means it time to discuss my favorite topic  - food. Burgers are an American staple so let's see what an Australian can do to it. I introduce you to the Lot Burger. If the name is descriptive enough for you then understand that this burger is a lot. We start with a thick burger patty, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese, onions, and greasy buns. Okay so this sounds normal. Sounds like your gonna need a bigger belt. So what weird things can we add on to make or break this burger. How about beetroot? Very popular "Down Under".  Next, were adding on pineapple. Not unusual but should I get my fruit and protein intake in one bite? Let's make this even bigger and add on some bacon. Everyone loves bacon! Besides your cardiologist. What else? This isn’t that crazy. Were forgetting this burger is a lot so it should cover all of your meals for the day. What about a fried egg? Yes, the Lot Burger also comes with a fried egg. So this is a lot. This may be too much for some of us to not only eat but to process why someone would even think of putting this together. It may even terrify you because it is so intimidating. Its okay we can do this a bite at a time.

Would I try this?

Yes. I believe I said above I'm a foodie.