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Tech Thursday - Food Allergies: Who, What, Where and How?

TAP Series offers Allergen Awareness.  Allergen Awareness is a course that many states and companies require food handlers to complete to learn about food allergens and how to set protocols for customers with food allergens. I took the course today and learned amazing new information that I never knew and feel everyone should know.

In the U.S. 1 out of 10 of adults have a food allergy and 1 out of 13 kids have a food allergy, though studies show that 37% of people surveyed note they have a food allergey or sensatitivity to certains foods.  Some people are allergic to more than one food. On average, 20% of your operations customers will have some form of food restriction. Of this 20%, there will be customers that will have allergic reactions ranging from mild to anaphylaxis.

In the U.S. we have 8 foods that are considered "The big 8 Allergens". These foods account for 90% of food allergies in the U.S. Those 8 allergens are milk, eggs, soy, wheat, shellfish, fin fish, peanuts and tree nuts. All these foods are pretty common and can be found in many of the meals that we eat. All food allergies are potentially serious. Food allergy reactions can vary from mild, such as hives or minor abdominal pain to severe systoms such as sever anlphylaxis with low blood pressure and even loss of consiousness.

Allergen Awareness is the first step to developing a food allergy repsonse plan. What's your operation's protocols to accomodate customers?