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19 courses available
These courses offer a substantial culinary course of study for all those needing a foundation in cooking instruction.
HHFKA 2010 Food Safety CE Hours: 9

Cooking Basics offers a substantial culinary course of study for all those needing a foundation in cooking instruction. Nineteen courses are offered independently allowing for customized training assignments. Because the training is a self-paced teaching, it builds a knowledgeable foundation that saves valuable time in training to professional standards. This wealth of core cooking information is presented in both English and Spanish, and is available at the click of the mouse.

Cooking Basics' nineteen courses cover a wide range of instruction, including kitchen equipment, tools portion control procedures, basic cuts of meat, dry and moist heat cooking methods, slicing, dicing, chopping, plate presentation, seasoning, poultry, seafood, development of consistent recipes, waste management, workplace safety and more. This program utilizes customized, professionally staged videos that allow students to view and interact with professional chefs demonstrating crucial techniques from safely handling a carving knife, to preparing a roux, to stuffing a turkey. Students will witness procedures being correctly performed.

Cooking Basics is the bases of a successful operation.

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Terms of Purchase

100% money back of the purchase price, or credit to your corporate account, if returned within 30 days of enrollment, and if no more than lesson 1 has been studied. If you have any questions or comments on our return policy/terms of purchase, please feel free to contact us at 888-826-5222.

Courses are purchased as single use enrollments. Each lesson allows up to 5 reviews. After 5 reviews the lesson is closed. Courses are active for 180 days from date of enrollment and will stop functioning 180 days after the enrollment. Within the 180 day active period, the name of the student can be changed for a $20 fee for all courses except Food Handler, if a TAP Certificate of Achievement has NOT been awarded. Changing of the name will not re-activate any inactive, closed or ended functions. We reserve the right to charge a $5 fee for Food Handler name changes.

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